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When you book your skin treatment at Biologique Recherche MBS, you’ll be greeted in the space devoted to skin diagnosis from our Skin Consultant. An analysis of your Skin Instant© will be carried out using measurement tools such as our Skin Instant©Lab or the VisioLab©.

This analysis, supplemented by a behavioural and physiological appraisal along with some palpation, enables our team to design the best-matched treatment protocol for your Skin Instant©.

All Biologique Recherche’s personalized treatments are devised around one or more Booster treatments, which the expert will prescribe after your skin diagnosis. The longer your beauty treatment is, the more specific modules and techniques can be added for better results.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Customized Face Treatments


Biologique Recherche’s Soin Lissant is a comprehensive skin care treatment suitable for all Skin Instants© This treatment is perfect for those with thin, delicate and traumatised skin. It’s been called “the anti-stress beauty care treatment par excellence.”

Biologique Recherche’s Soin Lissant treatment unify and smooth the irregularities of the epidermis while enhancing the radiance of the complexion, it soothes the most sensitive skin and provides comfort to dehydrated skin.



The MC 110 is an invigorating treatment which is beneficial for anyone noticing a loss of volume and elasticity in the face or people who are seeking fuller skin.

MC 110 treatment reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and energises lacklustre Skin Instants®. The unique massage technique used genuinely plump areas of concern whilst following the muscle fibres to redefine, sculpt and purify. Its exfoliating and brightening properties will leave your skin smooth and even to achieve the maximum results. You will experience dramatic reduction of fine lines and wrinkles through plumping.



The Lift C.V.S is an exfoliating and lifting treatment which combines shaping techniques designed for mature, dull and thick Skin Instants®. Using the unique massage technique to stimulate elastin and collagen, this manual Biologique Recherche facelift provides mind-blowing facial contours.

This is the ultimate anti-ageing facial, using highly concentrated active ingredients to purify and restore volume, even out color, and create a firm, flawless surface, leave your skin moisturised, smoothed and toned while diminishing wrinkles and fine lines.



Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage is a rejuvenating treatment specifically designed to exfoliate, unify and smooth skin. Its exfoliating cream texture, rich in Lotion P50 and fruit acids, gently eliminates dead cells, stimulates cellular renewal and rebalances the pH of the epidermis.

It improves the quality of the epidermis while preventing premature cutaneous aging. An exfoliating and regenerating treatment for keratinized Skin Instants©

Exclusive  Face Treatments


The Soin Seconde Peau is a pioneering renewing and lifting treatment which is created using an electrospun mask with 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid. A world premiere in professional care, it is positioned as a cosmetic alternative to dermal filler injections and is intended for mature Skin Instants® damaged by the signs of aging to provide an immediate tightening effect and increase skin firmness whilst reinforcing the skin’s water retention.

The very low molecular weight (77kDa) Hyaluronic Acid gives a superior regenerating action, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and reduces the depth of lines. An independent clinical trial found that Seconde Peau treatment improved closure of epidermal wounding by 70%.

This treatment is recommended to compliment anti-wrinkle and filler injections, invasive skin treatments to promote healing and reduce downtime post-surgical or resurfacing procedures



One of the most coveted beauty treatments in the world – the Remodeling Face Lift to firm and plump your facial muscle for recapturing youthful skin.
A complete facial experience uses the revolutionary bio-electrotherapy of multi currents to lift, tone, and sculpt the face and neck muscles to immediate results. Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face incorporates three working currents

• Galvanic encourages deep penetration of active ingredients
• Interchanging low-medium currents tone and tense muscle
• Pulsed high currents rejuvenate and revitalise the epidermis


Skin InstantLab and VisioLabⒸ – 30mins | $120
Skin InstantLab – 20mins | $90
VisioLabⒸ – 10mins | $60

Customized Face Treatment
1 Booster – 60mins | $360
*choice of booster: Soin lissant, mC110, Lift C.V.S, Masque Exfoliant P50 Visage
2 Boosters* – 90mins | $490

Exclusive Face Treatment
Remodeling Face Oxygenation – 45mins | $380
Remodeling Face Chin Strip + Platysma – 60mins | $450
Seconde Peau – 60mins | $490
Remodeling Face – 60mins | $490
Seconde Peau + Remodeling Face – 90mins | $620

Add On
Remodeling Face Pen – 10mins | $120



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